About Us

The Sound Solution is a business that produces custom music edits for any company or individual that uses music as a tool for their business, such as dance studios and figure skaters among others.

We know that there are times in a teacher’s life when music produces more stress than pleasure. That’s when the difficulties of juggling studio responsibilities, family life, and everyday challenges become too much and we cut corners in preparing for class or choreographing a routine or a program. Unfortunately, all too often one of the things that gets sacrificed is music: We decide we can get by with a bad edit or choose a song that everyone uses. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can find new music and edit it to create a finished product that will inspire you and your students!  That is where The Sound Solution comes in.  We are here to take that load off of your shoulders.

Don’t just settle by using the first half of a song and fading it out for your routine.  Let us help you take the best parts of a song or multiple songs and put them together to your liking.  We can cut, mix, change tempos, add effects, lengthen or shorten songs, add custom designed endings and perform many other features to enhance a final product.  The Sound Solution is committed to completing your edits to the highest artistic and technical standards possible, at affordable and competitive prices.

Not convinced?  Browse our website and learn more about the people we work with and take a listen to some samples!